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Working From Home

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Working from home gives mums (and dads) much more flexibility in terms of time with your family.

As a mum I know how hard it is to balance all parts of my life and not only that to give my day meaning over and above just working from homebeing a 'mum'.  Although my daughter is now 10 I still have to consider school holidays and teacher training days and also factor in any sick days that inevitably crop up a very short notice (aggghhh!!)

Which is why working from home is such a godsend to me – not only for the reasons above.  In all honesty I always hated working in a office I felt like a caged Lion and as for all the bitching ……..

So, if this is what you are planning to do it does take a bit of forethought and planning to make it work.

Your Working From Home Strategy


  • You will need help with the children during work hours.  Either someone coming into the house to take charge of them for you or maybe booking them into a day care center for a few hours.  Look at it this way – you would not take your children into an office would you?  So, the same applies if you are working from home, you need to be able to focus and concentrate so the hours you put in are very productive and not disturbed.
  • If the children are being looked after in the house then you need to set rules about not being disturbed.
  • You will need to be very very motivated and focussed to stay on track and get the work done well but as soon as you can.  Keeping your focus on the task in hand is not always easy and it is very easy to be distracted.
  • No popping over to Facebook and mumsnet it all wastes time
  • You need to be able to shut off from all things domestic around you – no looking at the dishwasher and washing machine needing filling and emptying.  What works for me is that as soon as I get back from the school run I spend 10 or 15 minutes doing these tasks and then once I know they are done I can concentrate on work.
  • Working from home also means being strict about your working hours – yes you can be far more flexible than if you went out to the office but make sure that you switch off the computer when done so you are not tempted to keep dipping back in.
  • Make sure to take scheduled breaks and to eat too.  Working in half hour slots works well for me
  • Working from home also means that if you need/want to work on a weekend then it is easily possible if it fits into your family life – and this is the key to it all because the whole idea of working from home is that it does fit in and around the family.

My Working From Home Day Pretty Much Looks Like This …

  • 8.45am back from school so 15 minutes doing domestic stuff like the dishwasher and washer and feeding the cats and rabbits etc.
  • 9 till 12 broken down into half hour slots dealing with clients, my emails, social media updates, blogging, phone calls etc.
  • 12 till 12.30 break for lunch and then if the dishwasher needs emptying or washer needs filling again I do it here.
  • 12.45 back to it
  • 3pm school run again

Working From Home – Learn the skills you need …

It is pretty likely that you will need to learn some new skills so this gives you a choice to either learn these for yourself and here at we can help you with that with our working from home you learn how service or we can do the tasks for you with our 'done for you' service. 

Or, if you have figured it out and done it all BUT your site is not showing up in google search for the search terms you want then we can help you with that too over at our SEO In Leeds site

So, stop sitting on the fence and make a start because no one else is going to do this for you – if working from home is going to be you from now on then here you go.


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  1. dowsing says:

    Being a therapist I work from home or as a mobile therapist – I could never ever go back to being office based :)

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